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Henry Prego has been portraying Frank Sinatra to rave reviews worldwide for more than a decade! he has become one of the most prominent, in demand vocalists of today. His Frank Sinatra impersonator show creates a perfect blend of the classics introducing a new generation to Sinatra’s timeless music, while appealing to long time listeners. You can experience the tribute show for yourself in our videos section, located here.

Within minutes you’ll find the audience tapping their toes, snapping their fingers and singing along! His mannerisms and phrasing of Frank Sinatra’s vocal style have been praised by close friends of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. To simply call Henry Prego a Frank Sinatra impersonator would understate his years of dedication and experience to his craft.

Henry is best known for being part of the original cast of two Las Vegas hit shows. “THE RAT PACK IS BACK” at the Sahara Hotel as well as the reincarnation  that appeared at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel. Henry then portrayed Sinatra in London’s West End hit show, “THE RAT PACK LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS.”

This critically acclaimed singer has performed his own Frank Sinatra Tribute Show on stage thousands of times worldwide. His show continues to receive rave reviews from devoted fans of Frank Sinatra in the US, the UK and Europe!

Henry Prego Sings Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Prego transports you back to the days of  The Sands Hotel, Copa Room, Las Vegas, recreating a Frank Sinatra show performance before your very eyes. Audiences will hear Prego perform all of their favorite hit songs. Henry uses the original musical arrangements in his show made famous by the greatest vocalist of the twentieth century, Frank Sinatra.      

Henry Prego has a confident vocal style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra and the swing era vocalists. He easily captivates his audiences with a style and sophistication reminiscent of the great crooners. Henry’s performance credits include many top New York clubs, including The Rainbow Room and The Supper Club.

Henry relocated to Los Angeles and started performing his Frank Sinatra impersonator show at many corporate events and private functions. His clients include The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, DHL and Cedar Sinai Hospital. Henry performed at CNN announcer Larry King’s 70th birthday party. Other events include honoring Mr. Bill Gates and performing with the Stan Kenton Alumni Orchestra.

Henry’s Frank Sinatra impersonator show

“Sinatra fans can now see a remarkable recreation of Sinatra’s musical prowess in the corporal form of Sinatra doppelgänger, Henry Prego! With the Henry Prego Big Band he not only is a dead ringer for the late singer in tuxedo-clad appearance, he is also spot-on vocally. Singing a variety of Sinatra classics, including, Come Fly With Me, The Summer Wind, Strangers in the Night, New York, New York, and My Way, to mention a few. 

What’s even more wonderful about Prego’s presentation is that he never overtly claims to be the singing legend. Nevertheless, the emotionality, sound, phrasing and demeanor exuded by Prego is unmistakably vintage Sinatra. Prego only goes so far as to say he is an ambassador for the Sinatra songbook. What an effective diplomat he proves to be. Prego tells us of his own journey into show business. He allows us to understand how Sinatra serves as a creative inspiration to so many popular recording artists that followed;  from Barbra Streisand to Justin Timberlake to Justin Bieber.”

Ben Miles

Henry Prego Sings Frank Sinatra: A Frank Sinatra Tribute

“Henry Prego Sings Frank Sinatra,”  A wonderful night out that will not soon be forgotten. I was blessed to experience Henry Prego singing the beloved songs of the iconic Frank Sinatra. Famed for his time on the Vegas strip, as well as his European tours of the same genre. He presents Old Blue Eyes with the same poise, elegance, and comedic persona that Frank was well known for. His dress, mannerisms, overall look, and even his voice take the audience right into the realm of a real Sinatra performance.

All around me women (and more than a few men) were hooting and hollering for their favorites, and Prego delivered them all. He is accompanied by a marvelous group of big band instrumentalists, all of whom deserve major recognition in their own right. All in all this was a wonderful experience, and I am very pleased to recommend it to my many readers.”

 Randall Gray

Review: Malvern Theaters

“When Henry Prego appeared on stage as Frank Sinatra, a ripple of shock went through the Malvern Theaters audience. His resemblance to ‘Ole Blue Eyes was uncanny. When he launched into Luck Be a Lady, everybody knew a fantastic evening’s entertainment was in store. The audience is swept into the atmosphere of the Sands Night Club. The only time I’ve seen a Malvern Theaters give a standing ovation.”

Jo Lafferty

At last – A tribute that really works: Empire theatre – The Daily post – Liverpool

“I got a lump in my throat when Frank Sinatra (as played by New Yorker Henry Prego) sang My Way to perfection. Prego must be the closest ever to the Sinatra style, not only with the vocal intonations but with the body movements and mannerisms. He’s done it before in Las Vegas and it shows. And so it proved with a well deserved standing ovation.”

Philip Key

You can visit Henry’s YouTube channel to see him perform your favorite Frank Sinatra selections!     Click Here.

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